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Huntington Coast Capital tips the negotiations in your favor when dealing with factoring companies. Whether you are currently factoring or looking for a comparison to your existing factoring loan, we can assist.

Ever feel like you're in the wrong place?

As capital markets consultants, we advise and negotiate on behalf of our clients. The majority of our small business financing requests are best met by factoring, purchase order and/or inventory financing solutions. These needs are best met by the factoring companies we work with.


So why would a small business owner use Huntington Coast Capital when exploring the world of factoring? Below are some of the major benefits to utilizing our services when investigating factoring companies:


Unbiased consultation and review of the various programs available.


When contacting factoring companies directly, the business development officer will naturally fit you in to their program and discuss the benefits of using their company. However, how do you know you are getting the best solution for your business and not just speaking with a sales person looking to build his company's portfolio?


We have found that the only way to uncover whether or not one factoring company would be better than another is to present you with the options and have you decide. Not all factoring companies are created equal and some have greater abilities in certain areas than others. This leads me to the next point...


Saves time, money, effort and frustration.


Because we have close to 20 years experience in the factoring industry, we are able to guide you in the right direction after our first call. For example, if your business is in the apparel industry, most factors can handle your business. However, some factors specialize in the industry and have greater knowledge of the customer's you are looking to extend credit to. In this case, it makes sense to go with a factor that has extensive experience in apparel. The same is true for the medical and construction industries where there are only a few factors specializing in these areas.


By cutting to the chase and getting in front of the most appropriate factors for your business, you are saving hours of time, money and frustration. This, our clients tell us, is our greatest value-add from their perspective.


Insider knowledge of trends in the marketplace.


Factoring companies can be more or less aggressive based on the level of business they have at any moment in time. Small business owners don't think of factoring companies as small businesses themselves, but they are. They have goals and ROI targets to hit like small business owners do. We are solicited by factoring companies offering incentives for new business or flexible program offerings designed to boost their client base. Having this knowledge is an advantage when looking for the most "aggressive" program at any given time.


We are passionate about what we do!


We sincerely enjoy meeting with and assisting small business owners. I enjoy listening to the thoughts and ideas of entrepreneurs and established business owners alike. Their "big thinking" and determination to make their business succeed is motivating and drives me in my desire to assist. Our clients use us after they move on from factoring or when discussing a comparison to their existing relationship. Our passion is easily identifiable and clients appreciate that.


If your company could benefit from cash flow to fill orders and expand your business, we would like to speak with you! You can contact me directly at 714-719-8966.


To your success,


Patrick Zazueta | Founder | Huntington Coast Capital, Inc.



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