HCC Launches Separate Operations For Asset Based Loans And Supply Chain Finance

HCC Launches Separate Operations For Asset Based Loans And Supply Chain Finance

Huntington Coast Capital is proud to announce the launching of two subsidiaries! One dedicated to asset based loans, www.assetbasedloans.fund and the other strictly arranging supply chain financing requests, www.supplychainfinance.finance.

The growth in these two areas of finance made this adjustment a requirement for doing business going forward. The two entities will be fully owned by Huntington Coast Capital. The move was done to better distinguish our product offering. Instead of having one company with many different asset based loan offerings, we decided to break these two off for better clarity of our services among our clients and prospects.

Equipment Finance Quotes, www.equipmentfinancequotes.com, was the first line of business to become its own distinct entity back in February of 2019.

Through our portfolio of companies, we strive to meet the needs of business owners across the country. It is our goal to become the “go to” resource for business owners when looking to obtain and asset based loan in California or anywhere in the United States.

Could you business benefit from an asset based loan? If so, we would love to hear from you! (844) 239-2362

Purchase Order Financing For The Cannabis Industry

Purchase Order Financing For The Cannabis Industry

We have seen an increased number of requests for purchase order financing in the Cannabis industry. This typically includes the purchasing of seeds from suppliers. Our clients are either distributors or sell to distributors within the Cannabis industry.

While Cannabis is not Federally regulated, other products within the industry are. For example, the popular CBD supplements in the market today can be financed by a broad base of lenders within our network. CBD products are used for both human and animal treatments. My vet uses CBD when my dog goes in for a grooming. These CBD products are the preferred alternative when calming animals for procedures of all types. People take CBD for general relaxation and pain relief. The organic nature of the product is the main reason it is taking over in popularity from the synthetic options.

The other product in the industry, the Hemp seed, has been legal for many years and has been used to make clothes for decades. It’s durable and organic, making it the preferred choice for some.

It is our opinion that the demand of Hemp and CBD products will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. Huntington Coast Capital wants to be a part of this high growth industry. If your business is in the Cannabis Industry and in need of purchase order financing, we would like to speak with you. We are also able to finance real estate and equipment in the industry. Call us to discuss the options 714-719-8966.

Patrick Zazueta
Huntington Coast Capital, Inc.