No matter what stage your business is in, start up or established, Huntington Coast Capital has the financing you
need to unlock the full potential of your company. Whether you need $100,000 or $10,000,000, we have you covered.

SBA Loans

The SBA, or Small Business Administration, does not make direct loans to small businesses. Rather, the SBA sets the guidelines for loans, which are then made by its partners (lenders, community development organizations, and private institutions). The SBA guarantees that these loans will be repaid, thus eliminating some of the risk to the lending partners.

There are various SBA programs available to small business owners, but navigating through them all is cumbersome and time consuming. Huntington Coast Capital has relationships with several lenders offering SBA programs and will guide you through the process saving you time, money and energy.


Working Capital Loans

Working capital loans, often referred to as lines of credit, are capital facilities that are secured most typically by accounts receivable and inventory. The lender will advance a percentage against the total in each category for the purpose of speeding up your cash cycle. The result is increased cash flow which translates to the growth of your business.


Asset Based Loans

Asset based loans cover a broader form of financing. These loans can also be used to finance your accounts receivable and inventory, but in addition, can be used to finance property, plant and equipment needs. If qualified, the SBA can assist, but if not, there are other more flexible options available to help you reach your business growth goals.



The SBA provides micro loans to companies in the business to consumer market. These businesses would include restaurants, retail stores, public service providers, doctors, lawyers, and virtually any business working or selling directly to the consumer. An outline of this popular program is listed here.

Loan Amounts: $50,000 to $150,000, Term Loan
Loan Uses: Working capital and new equipment purchase only
Term: 10 Years
Pre-Pay Penalty: None
History: In business 2+ years
FICO: Above 670 with no bankruptcy filings in past 36 months
Collateral: Equipment, or in the case of working capital, any available assets. Can also go in second position behind senior funding.
Appraisal: None
Environmental: None
Timing: Approval in 1-3 days is typical
Funding is possible within two weeks assuming the closing items are providing it a timely fashion. Closing items
typically include evidence of insurance, entity documentation and certain other SBA application forms.
Location: United States based companies