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Accounts Receivable Factoring in CA

Invoice factoring, sometimes referred to as a factoring loan, is an asset based loan that is secured by accounts receivable. For instance, in an invoice factoring arrangement, the factoring company will advance a percentage against each invoice that is part of the total accounts receivable. These services speed up your working capital cycle. The result of this type of financing is increased cash flow. This translates to the growth of your business.

Small business invoice factoring companies have factoring agreements in place with their clients. This is a buy sell agreement versus a loan. They purchase the invoices for a period up to 120 days. Invoice factoring services are a useful tool for companies that have customer concentrations, recent loses, startup ventures or even established companies. This creative form of financing is a perfect tool for companies looking to unlock more cash from their accounts receivable. This said, not all factoring companies are the same. Contact us to explore the best factoring companies.

Huntington Coast Capital is partnered with invoice factoring companies in California and throughout the United States. Our industry experience delivers the best invoice factoring companies for you to choose from. Our unbiased consultation provides you with the opportunity to compare services being offered by a range of factoring companies. The result is that our clients find the best factoring companies for their business.

We have been serving Huntington Beach and arranging invoice factoring services for our clients in California and across the United States since 2010. Contact us to find out who the best invoice factoring companies are and how invoice factoring can assist in the growth of your business! 714-719-8966.